Welcome to the Slush Cup Tournament

Tournament Rules & Regulations

U9 & U11 Indoor EMSA Rules Modifications

Guest Player Form - Click Here

  • All Guest Player forms need to accompany the game sheet and be handed to the referee before the start of each game that the guest player is participating.
  • Any team that plays an ineligible player will forfeit the game.

ESAF admission policies during the Slush Cup Tournament apply to the Edmonton East, West, and South Soccer, as well as the Scottish Dome

Centres:  Edmonton Soccer Facilities and Scottish Dome will have Tournament Passes for $15 

Teams that do not play regular season games in the Edmonton Soccer Centres or the Scottish Dome will receive 3 tournament passes in their coach package

Important Coach Information

Please read through carefully as your team will be responsible to understand all the information

1. All communication (phone calls and emails) between teams and tournament staff is to be done through the team officials; coach, assistant coach or manager that are listed on the official team roster. We will accept emails from a tournament rep that is not listed on the roster as long as the coach is copied on all emails.

2. When communicating through emails, always state your team name, gender and age group, this will save time for tournament staff when replying.

3. Coaches and managers are responsible to communicate important tournament information to their team’s players and parents, we ask that players and parents do not contact the tournament staff directly.

4. Coaches and managers are responsible to know, understand and follow all tournament rules, especially the rules for guest players/trialists. Any team found to have played an ineligible player(s) will forfeit the game.

5. Team officials are responsible for the behaviour of their players, parents and spectators at all times during the tournament. Any team showing unsportsmanlike behavior will be disciplined and unruly spectators may be asked to leave the facility. Any verbal abuse to referees, staff and volunteers by any team may result in immediate expulsion from the tournament.

6. We are asking all teams to check in for the tournament and pick up their coach packet at the center where they play their first game. We ask that coaches/managers sign in the team prior to playing your first tournament game.

7. Coach packets will contain important tournament information and giveaways from our tournament sponsors.

8. If needed you can play your first game and sign in/pick up the coach packet after the game, but we ask that each team arrange to have the sign in/pick up done at the center where thier first scheduled game is played.

9. Scores and team stats will be posted on the official Slush Cup website.

10. All teams are required to provide their own first aid kit along with ice packs in case of injury, some soccer centers do not have ice on hand.

11. If needed, teams may use bench parents to assist the team on the bench, bench parents do not need to be listed on the official team roster. They do need to be listed on the game sheet. All teams must have at least 1 team official or bench parent of the same gender as the players.

12. In the event that both teams are wearing like colors, the home team will be required to change jerseys or wear pinnies as determined by the referee

13. REMINDER – all U9 and U11 boarded games will be played in the 7v7 format.

14. There are NO TIMEOUTS for the Slush Cup. Our schedule is very tight and we will not allow teams to use time outs.

15. The Mercy Rule will be in place for the tournament. No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential. Tie-Breaking procedures will use stats AFTER the mercy rule is applied. For example if a team wins 6-0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of actual score.

16. Schedules for the tournament will be available on the website by Monday Jan. 29, 2024. Once the schedules are posted, they are final and changes can only be made if there is an error. We do our best to accommodate special requests, but with over 400 teams to schedule that is not always possible.

17. Once the schedules are posted you will be able to print your game sheets, you will only need 1 game sheet per game and you will give the game sheet to the referee at the start of each game. When the game is complete we will have tournament volunteers collect the game sheets from the referee. Results will be posted immediately on the website once they have been confirmed by tournament staff.

18. Proof of player registration must be carried with the teams at all times (provincial registration roster as well as any player cards). The referee will not be checking player cards during the tournament, but you should carry them with you in case of a dispute.

19. In past years we have had problems at the facilities where games have been stopped (power outages/water main breaks), if this happens we ask all teams to stay at the facilities (in cars in the parking lot if needed) until being notified by tournament staff that the game times/locations have been changed. Please do not leave the facility as in most cases the games will just be delayed.

20. We have the ability to send out mass text messages for emergency situations, please make sure your cell phone is correct in your team's profile. Any changes made to schedules before or during the tournament will be updated on the website and the website is considered correct.

21. The main tournament headquarters during the tournament is located at the West Soccer Center (17415 - 106A Avenue). Any questions or concerns regarding the rules, schedule, disputes or player/coach conduct need to be addressed in person at the West Soccer Center or by email to [email protected] , and this is to be done by team officials only. Tournament staff and volunteers at the other locations can take statements made in writing, but do not have the ability/authority to resolve the concerns or questions. Please be respectful of our tournament staff and volunteers by ensuring your players/parents/spectators address their concerns/questions through the team officials.

22. All teams are expected to attend their scheduled games with a minimum of 4 players, and are expected to compete in every game until completion. Any team failing to do so will be assessed an administration fee of up to $500.

23. All teams receiving a medal are expected to attend medal ceremonies. Any medal-winning team that does not attend medal ceremonies without receiving prior permission from main tournament headquarters will be assessed a fee of $100

24. Clean indoor running shoes or indoor soccer shoes are the only acceptable footwear worn on the fields for the boarded facilities. No outdoor soccer cleats are allowed in the boarded facilities. Cleats and turf shoes are recommended for the Fields at the Scottish Soccer Dome.

 Teams playing at the St. Albert Servus Centre, please note instructions for warm ups - Click Here

Teams playing at the Sherwood Park Millennium Place, please note instructions for warm ups - Click Here

Please remember:

These are kids

This is a game

The coaches volunteer

The referees are human

This is not professional soccer

EWZSA Slush Cup 2024


Scottish Dome #1
3126 Ewing Trail SW
Scottish Dome #2
3126 Ewing Trail SW
Scottish Dome #3
3126 Ewing Trail SW
Scottish Dome #4
3126 Ewing Trail SW
East Soccer Centre #5
12720 Victoria Trail
East Soccer Centre #6
12720 Victoria Trail
East Soccer Centre #7
12720 Victoria Trail
East Soccer Centre #8
12720 Victoria Trail
South Soccer Centre #10
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #11
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #12
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #14
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #09
6520 Roper Road
St Albert Servus Bright Dental N
400 Campbell Road, St. Albert
St Albert Servus Orion Plastics S
400 Campbell Road, St. Albert
West Soccer Centre #1
17415 106A Avenue
West Soccer Centre #2
17415 106A Avenue
West Soccer Centre #3
17415 106A Avenue